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24 Jul 2008

Will Ubuntu be sexier than MacOS X?

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has said: “The great task in front of us over the next two years is to lift the experience of the Linux desktop from something that is stable and robust and not
21 Jul 2008

Yochai Benkler

Yochai Benkler, the leading intellectual of the information age, explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and Linux represent the next stage of human organization. Technorati Tags: open source, innovation
16 Jul 2008

What’s happening at Microsoft Italy?

Today, Microsoft Italy has announced its third MD since the launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007. I’m puzzled. What’s happening at Microsoft Italy? Marco Comastri has left a few months after the announcement, and has been
15 Jul 2008

OOo, a download every five seconds

June has been an extraordinary month for OOo in Italy: – 523.234 downloads during the month, one every five seconds, more than the PCs sold in the country. – 2.096.043 downloads since January 1st, 2008. In 2007,
13 Jul 2008

Why “Open Opinions”

I have been mumbling quite a lot on the editorial strategy of this blog. Originally, I wanted to cover marketing of open source software following my experience about I have soon realized, though, that the open
26 Jun 2008

The feed is working again

Thanks to Gianluca Diegoli (if you understand Italian, his [mini]marketing blog is a must read), I have discovered that the RSS feed of my blogs wasn’t working. After a quick search on the WordPress site, I have
25 Jun 2008

Somethign has changed

I have changed the title, and I hope to have enough time to start blogging regularly.
7 Jun 2008

Vista Blues

Just brilliant… MacOS X is actually the best implementation of Linux, followed by Ubuntu. The gap is closing, although Ubuntu will never get where MacOS X is because of the better hardware integration of the latter (although
1 Jun 2008

Open source in the enterprise has conducted a survey of IT and business executives, collecting data from 328 respondents. The results of the survey show that 53% of the respondents are using open source applications in their organization today, and an
31 May 2008

Raven Zachary’s Podcast

I usually don’t like podcasts, which I find a lot less entertaining than music, but this time I’ll make an exception for Raven Zachary. You can download the MP3 (31 minutes, 7.1MB) from this link to listen