19 Feb 2008

This is not a press release

Apologies. On September 18, 2007, while announcing OpenOffice.org 2.3 we boldly stated that during the following 6 months the software would have been downloaded by one million people. At the time, it was a brave announcement, as
7 Feb 2008

Open Source ThinkTank

I’m in Napa for the Open Source ThinkTank. It’s a big event for the names attending but it’s a small event for the numbers as there are only 129 people from all over the world (actually, I
4 Feb 2008

OpenOffice January Newsletter

Announcements OpenOffice.org Community Innovation Program "On 7 December 2007, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a new million-dollar fund to foster innovation in six of the open-source projects it sponsors and contributes to. We are pleased to report that
29 Jan 2008

Tipping Point

Nokia buys Trolltech, Sun buys MySQL, IBM endorses Ubuntu, the Asus EEE PC is a sales success and is featured almost everywhere, and so on. Open source is on the right track to get to the tipping
29 Jan 2008

OOo Resources

Blogging has never been so popular inside the OOo Community. During last week, Florian Effenberg – Marketing Project Co-Lead – has put together the OOo Marketing Blog, and John McCreesh – Marketing Project Lead – has doubled
8 Jan 2008

Thanks, and happy 2008

Thanks to Italian journalists, who have written around 2.000 articles about OpenOffice.org in 2007 and have made the Italian version of the suite the most "wanted" on Google. If you compare OpenOffice.org with Microsoft Office using Google
18 Dec 2007

No comments needed

Brigadier General Nickolas G. Justice, Program Executive Officer, Command Control and Communications Tactical (C3T) of the US Army: Open source software is part of the integrated network fabric which connects and enables our command and control system
15 Dec 2007

Just another small step…

I think we have eventually reached the tipping point in the growth process of the open source software. I think that the key is in a recent Gartner document – Don’t Skip Windows Vista Entirely – that
3 Dec 2007

Open Source Video

Grazie a Robin Good ho trovato una pagina di un wiki con tutti i Codec Open Source per gestire video online. Technorati Tags: open source, video
10 Nov 2007

Open Document Format

Nelle ultime settimane, sono stati pubblicati alcuni articoli in cui The Open Document Foundation, Inc., un’organizzazione non profit di diritto statunitense nata per iniziativa di alcuni individui per promuovere delle modifiche allo standard ISO/IEC 26300 Open Document