17 Mar 2022

Posizione Verso No Vax e Pro Russia

Io rispetto tutte le opinioni politiche democratiche, e il comportamento delle persone dotate di senso della comunità (altrimenti detto senso civico). Essendo un liberale, questo avviene anche quando queste opinioni sono molto lontane dalle mie, ma non
6 Dec 2021

Lettera Aperta al Parlamento Europeo

Oggi, la Coalition for Competitive Digital Markets (https://competitivedigitalmarkets.eu/), un gruppo di oltre 50 aziende di tecnologia da 16 diversi Paesi europei, ha inviato una lettera aperta ai membri del Parlamento Europeo per sensibilizzarli rispetto al tema dell’interoperabilit√†,
26 Jun 2021

Strongly Disappointed by Booking.Com

I have been using Booking.Com services for a long time, to the point of having reached the so called Genius Level 2. Unfortunately, I think I will be forced to abandon Booking.Com because of their decision of
7 May 2020

What you do when you turn six

When you turn six, you usually go to primary school and start learning how to read and write. You start a self-improvement process which is usually making you a better individual. Although a human being and a
5 Mar 2020

Running for the OSI Board of Directors

I’m running for election to the affiliate member seat on OSI board of directors, on behalf of Associazione LibreItalia, the house of LibreOffice in Italy. I have already been a member of OSI board of directors from
11 Dec 2019

Proprietary slide decks at FOSS events? A missed opportunity

Paris Open Source Summit is the “first European free & open source event”, but speakers were requested to send their slide decks in the proprietary PPTX format for non specified technical issues related to the visualization or
1 Jul 2019

LibreOffice Conference Asia

I have attended LibOCon Asia in late May, in Tokyo, Japan’s capital and largest city. I have been invited by conference organizers to keynote about the global community, and co-manage with Lothar Becker a business and certification
12 Aug 2018

Grazie / Thanks

Oggi ho compiuto 64 anni, e ho ricevuto un gran numero di auguri di buon compleanno attraverso Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn e Twitter, da persone con cui sono regolarmente in contatto e da altre che non vedevo
26 Jun 2018

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Embedded Systems (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Daniele Lacamera, a senior developer and an old friend, has just published a book about Embedded Systems Architecture, which can be bought in digital format for a special discounted price for the next 24 hours at the
14 Feb 2018

I Love Free Software, and LibreOffice