Monthly Archive:: February 2008

29 Feb 2008

Office, the newest Linux accessory…

I was a little bit surprised when I looked at the Best Buy web site: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Windows and Norton AntiVirus 2008 Windows are both listed as accessories for the Asus EEE PC,
27 Feb 2008

Working together

I’ve had a long phone conversation with Sam Ramji today. It was plagued by some bandwidth problems on my side (next time I will have a dedicated PC for Skype) but it was definitely constructive for both
26 Feb 2008

Any idea?

Any idea about the author of this sentence? The world is different today than it was 10 years ago, and so are we. Here on the city campus, MacBook Pros aren’t unheard of, and people with knowledge
26 Feb 2008

Vote for Orvieto

Orvieto has submitted a proposal to organize the Conference in 2008. I quote John McCreesh: I believe one European bid this year stands above the others, which is the bid from Italy. I believe the combination
24 Feb 2008

Digital Preservation

I have discovered the British Library Digital Preservation Project: The British Library is collecting and creating an increasing amount of material in digital formats. This material forms part of the collection and must be preserved for future
22 Feb 2008

Open Letter to Microsoft

Today, we have decided to follow yesterday’s Microsoft announcement with an open letter to the company. This is my translation into English of the text (unfortunately, some of the extra care put in each word gets lost,
20 Feb 2008 is alive and well

According to Alfresco Open Source Barometer (you may find more here and here) is alive and well (and almost kicking Microsoft Office on the back in some countries, like Germany and France). Glyn Moody writes: One
19 Feb 2008

This is not a press release

Apologies. On September 18, 2007, while announcing 2.3 we boldly stated that during the following 6 months the software would have been downloaded by one million people. At the time, it was a brave announcement, as
7 Feb 2008

Open Source ThinkTank

I’m in Napa for the Open Source ThinkTank. It’s a big event for the names attending but it’s a small event for the numbers as there are only 129 people from all over the world (actually, I
4 Feb 2008

OpenOffice January Newsletter

Announcements Community Innovation Program "On 7 December 2007, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a new million-dollar fund to foster innovation in six of the open-source projects it sponsors and contributes to. We are pleased to report that