is alive and well

According to Alfresco Open Source Barometer (you may find more here and here) is alive and well (and almost kicking Microsoft Office on the back in some countries, like Germany and France).

Glyn Moody writes:

One of the most interesting additions to the survey this year is a question about which office suite people use. Overall, chalks up a very respectable 24% to Microsoft Office’s 66%. This is a much higher penetration than I would have guessed for open source on the desktop, and suggests that among those adopting open source programs is doing really well – pretty much at the Firefox level of success. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the UK, which manages only 18% compared to France’s 28% and Germany’s 34% (the latter probably boosted, again, by the historical roots of in the German StarOffice suite, later sold to Sun).

I’ve asked Ian Howells of Alfresco some additional information about Italy. Of course, as soon as I will get them, I will write at least a post, but most probably a press release for the Italian press.

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