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Developer’s Guide is now in the Wiki

The Developer’s Guide is now available online in the Wiki. The main purpose of moving the guide into the wiki is for maintenance reasons and the hope to get more contributions. We also hope to get a localized version of the guide to reach more users/developers all over the world.

Users demand support for

QualityLogic, a provider of leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecom industries, has released test files for the first of several planned applications found in 2. Test files are now available for “Writer” and “Draw”. “Impress” is in development, and additional applications are planned. QualityLogic has been developing test files for popular Windows applications for over 20 years. These files are used by printer companies to ensure compatibility between their printers and the applications their customers use, and by software companies whose applications convert one file format to another. They are also used by Fortune 1000, government, education and healthcare companies to help make printer and software purchasing decisions. The popularity of the office suite has created a need within these companies for sophisticated test files similar to those QualityLogic has developed for Windows applications.

New StartCenter replaces StartModule

After a hectic week of discussion, implementation and rewriting we now have a new initial window when you start without a document. This up to now brought up a large window (so large because it defines the size of the document that will replace it) in “battleship gray” as some call it. On most platforms you don’t see this window so often, because system integration will usually leave you with an application window (Writer, Impress, Calc, …) instead. On Mac however the so called StartModule is the norm rather than the exception. So we put a long planned overhaul of the StartModule in motion. The first plan was to use a dialog replacing the StartModule, however that would lead to questions about modality, startup and exit behavior due to the modal event loop and similar issues.

So in the end we decided to improve the existing StartModule instead, turning it into the new StartCenter. The StartCenter contains a host of labeled buttons (natively themed where available of course) that allow the user to create a new document or open an existing one. It also shows the same menu entries as before, so additional features like the recent file list are still available.

Impressive Eye Candy: 3D OpenGL Transitions

PowerPoint’s old push-down transition has done its 15 years of service, and it’s time for it to retire. Do the sleepy faces in your meetings agree? Impress 2.4 has the answer in the form of ten 3D OpenGL-rendered transitions:

  • Flipping tiles
  • Outside turning cube
  • Revolving circles
  • Turning helix
  • Inside turning cube
  • Fall
  • Turn around
  • Iris
  • Turn down
  • Rochade

PDF/A Support in

The first release candidate for 2.4 has just been released. One of the key new features is the built-in PDF/A export capability. The new Chart features are very cool as well! Please check if the release candidate is good enough for being promoted to a final version!

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