Identity crisis

For the Italian law I am a freelance journalist, as I am a member of the Italian association and I have also subscribed for 2008.
For a small percentage of the community – in the area of marketing communications – I am a blogger, without ambitions but with a small group of followers.
For Microsoft I am neither one, or even worse – as this is really worse – I am a blogger only when I wite something that they do not like.
Otherwise, I am a “business”, as you can see from the badge I got today at the MIX event in Milan, which did not allow me neither to assist to Steve Ballmer’s press conference nor to attend the following cocktail lunch.

I was with a group of friends – journalists and bloggers – with whom I shared some Web 2.0 laughs… I suspect that Microsoft should reconsider its concept of “conversation”, otherwise monologues will – at the end – turn into a soliloquy.

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