Monthly Archive:: June 2008

26 Jun 2008

The feed is working again

Thanks to Gianluca Diegoli (if you understand Italian, his [mini]marketing blog is a must read), I have discovered that the RSS feed of my blogs wasn’t working. After a quick search on the WordPress site, I have
25 Jun 2008

Somethign has changed

I have changed the title, and I hope to have enough time to start blogging regularly.
7 Jun 2008

Vista Blues

Just brilliant… MacOS X is actually the best implementation of Linux, followed by Ubuntu. The gap is closing, although Ubuntu will never get where MacOS X is because of the better hardware integration of the latter (although
1 Jun 2008

Open source in the enterprise has conducted a survey of IT and business executives, collecting data from 328 respondents. The results of the survey show that 53% of the respondents are using open source applications in their organization today, and an