Why “Open Opinions”

I have been mumbling quite a lot on the editorial strategy of this blog. Originally, I wanted to cover marketing of open source software following my experience about OpenOffice.org. I have soon realized, though, that the open source industry is too much technology oriented to read marketing stuff.

I have been silent for a while, trying to figure out a solution. Although some people start to write about the “end of blogging”, I didn’t want to give up.

I have eventually found a solution. “Open Opinions” will cover open source marketing with interviews to the people that actually handle the task inside companies and communities. I will ask questions (I actually am a journalist), and I will also be one of the people that will answer my questions (call them self interviews).

I will start this new editorial strategy with a self interview. I have been quiet for a long time, for several reasons. I have several things that have been eating me up inside and I need to get them off my chest.

Stay tuned.

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