What’s happening at Microsoft Italy?

Today, Microsoft Italy has announced its third MD since the launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007. I’m puzzled. What’s happening at Microsoft Italy?

Marco Comastri has left a few months after the announcement, and has been replaced by Mario Derba, who has been replaced by Pietro Scott Jovane after less than a year in the position.

In order to get a better picture, I will try to read between the lines of the interviews that Pietro Scott Jovane will release to the press in the next few weeks.


After having read several comments to the appointment of Pietro Scott Jovine, I have one very simple question: it’s more important the experience as manager of online media (or whatever they call them at Microsoft) or the background as beancounter?

I’ve never got along with beancounters, although I’ve always exceeded their expectations during my career. In this case, let’s hope for the better. A healthy and “open” Microsoft is important for the Italian IT market.

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