Monthly Archive:: February 2009

25 Feb 2009 new download location for development versions

There is a new location for downloading unstable builds like Developer Builds, Release Candidates and Beta versions: What are the advantages for all of us: You need to know only one location for getting unstable releases
20 Feb 2009 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

[From PC Mag] Even though – which is, yes, an application suite, not just a Web site – can’t do everything Office can, it can do a lot, and it has some of its own tricks
16 Feb 2009

Economic Models of Free Software

The french association April (which turned 10 this year) has translated his work on “Economic Models of Freee Software” which it published originaly in french back in December 2007. It is a very good introduction document to
16 Feb 2009

Anti Aliasing is done for OOo 3.1!

After a long preparation and implementation phase, Anti-Aliasing is available and will be activated for OOo 3.1 in all Applications and on all Systems. This was one of the most voted issues on OOo. Since pictures say
15 Feb 2009

OpenOffice.org3 Impress Guide

The first edition of the OOo3 Impress Guide is now available. Individual chapters and a compiled book are on the Documentation Project website (PDF).
15 Feb 2009

OOo-DEV 3.1 Developer Snapshot available

Developer Snapshot build OOo-Dev OOO310_m1 which installs as OOo-DEV 3.1 has been uploaded to the mirror network. If you find severe issues within this build please file them to’s bug tracking system IssueTracker. Please use the
14 Feb 2009

RedOffice Offers OOo User Interface Ideas

RedOffice is one of the “distros” of, along with Go-OOo, Lotus Symphony, OxygenOffice, NeoOffice, EuroOffice, and probably some others. RedOffice is developed by a company in Beijing and specifically addresses the Chinese-language market. More than just
13 Feb 2009

Sun Report Builder Guidebook Released

Dmitri Popov has released under the GNU FDL license a new guide to using the Sun Report Builder extension for OOo, which is available both as a free PDF download and as a paperback from Lulu.
13 Feb 2009 Renaissance Project

Renaissance Project has the objective of revamping user interface in order to make it more attractive for the ordinary user, who is accustomed to the bells and whistles of Microsoft and Apple operating systems and prioritizes
12 Feb 2009

The price of success 3.0 has been a huge success, and this has raised the awareness of the open source office suite to an unprecedented level. In Europe, where OOo was already quite popular, especially in France, Germany and Italy,