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16 May 2010

How to Become Linus Torvalds

Over at The H, Glyn Moody looks at Linus Torvalds's management style, its history, and how it
16 May 2010

Five Best Linux Netbook OSes – for Now "Not sure what's out there? We've lined up the five best Linux netbook OSes for your mobi
13 May 2010

Firefox 4 Steps Out of the Shadows

Speed, power and user control are Mozilla's top three goals for Firefox 4, according to early pr
13 May 2010

Myths Debunked: Why It Isn’t So Tough To Switch To Open Source

Can businesses and organizations paying for expensive licenses for proprietary software successfull
13 May 2010 Still Kicking

Reports to contrary, the launch of Microsoft Office 2010 doesn't mean that is dead —