Presenting LibreOffice

During the second half of 2012 I will travel quite a lot to speak about The Document Foundation and LibreOffice:

– During the second half of August I will visit the Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS in Thessaloniki, and I will probably speak at a summer event of the Aristotle University

– On September 10 I will keynote about The sustainability of an independent free software project at OSS 2012, the Eighth International Conference on Open Source Systems

– On September 15 I will attend the Software Freedom Day 2012 at Associazione Govonis in Valleggia di Quiliano (close to Savona, in Italy), to speak about LibreOffice and Software Freedom

– On September 15 I will also speak via videoconference at the same event in Brazil

– On October 13 I will keynote at the Jesień Linuksowa in Masłów near Kielce, in Poland, speaking about LibreOffice Everywhere: Desktop, Online, Tablet

– Between October 17 and 19 I will of course attend the LibreOffice Conference in Berlin, where I will be speaking about the achievements of the project in 2012, and I will probably chair the Certification Track

– On October 27, I will speak at the LinuxDay in Milan, and maybe somewhere else (last year, I spoke in Turin)

– Between November 5 and 7 I will attend LinuxCon Europe 2012 in Barcelona, but I still do not know if my paper is going to be accepted

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