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13 Nov 2012

Community Development and Marketing @ FOSDEM 2013

This is an official call for sessions for a “Community Development and Marketing” devroom, hosted at FOSDEM 2013 on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013. In this devroom, developers with different profiles and backgrounds are invited to brainstorm about
1 Nov 2012

Really, Mr Weir ?

Do you really think that journalists would listen to someone bashing another company, organization, project or product? Really? I suppose that journalists are going to be sincerely flabbergasted by your words, as they show the utmost consideration
1 Nov 2012

Thanks, Mr Weir

I must admit that my first reaction to Mr Weir’s post has been typically Italian, and I have replied without even reading what I was writing. I was unfortunately wrong in doing this, but it is difficult