RollApp brings LibreOffice to Kindle Fire and other Android tablets

RollApp has just announced the availability of LibreOffice on Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android tablets. Applications running thanks to RollApp virtualization technology can be accessed at! Storage is provided through seamless integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.
LibreOffice on RollApp
If you use of an Amazon Kindle Fire, you can get the LibreOffice applications directly from the Amazon App Store. On other Android tablets you can launch the apps in a browser via Yet, the best way to use the apps is to install them on your device.

Here is how to do that in four easy steps:
1. Go to and choose the app you like (for example, LibreOffice Writer).
2. Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button under the app’s icon.
3. Tap the menu icon in Chrome toolbar, and choose the “Add to Home Screen” menu item.
4. Confirm the title by clicking “Add”, and voila! The app is installed and is just one tap away.

“We’re thrilled to introduce LibreOffice suite on Android and bring it to Amazon customers, giving them a better way to work with their documents. The apps for Kindle Fire and other Android tablets on RollApp are available with all of the features users have come to love on their desktop computers”, said Vlad Pavlov, RollApp Founder and CEO.

LibreOffice is growing on every platform, as the numbers confirm: in fact, in addition to 100% of Linux users there is a growing number of Windows and MacOS users pinging for software updates (80 millions, and counting). RollApp announcement complements TDF tender for a native Android editor, to be released in early 2015. Similar announcements are expected for the end of October.

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