LibreOffice rescues legacy overhead projectors from oblivion thanks to breakthrough DUPE technology

noun_7987_ccBerlin, April 1st, 2016 – The Document Foundation unveils breakthrough DUPE technology, to rescue legacy overhead projectors – still available in thousands of conference rooms worldwide – from eternal oblivion. DUPE technology, based on a patented DUal PErambulation approach, will be integrated in LibreOffice Impress 5.2.

The concept behind the DUal PErambulation technology is extremely simple, and highly sophisticated at the same time. The user is at the center of the action, as he perambulates to the printer to collect overheads, and then he perambulates to the overhead projector to present the contents to the audience.

“We have been trying to solve the compatibility issue with legacy overhead projectors, based on enhancement requests from our user base, for several years”, says Italo Vignoli, who has been leading a specific R&D task force since 2010. “DUPE technology was one of our last attempts before giving up, and represents an elegant solution to the problem”.

By splitting the action in two distinct tasks, DUPE technology overcomes any potential driver issue, and is extremely robust. “A single approach was crashing the software, because of the different image rasterization technology of the two peripherals, and was impossible to release at the same time for three different operating systems. On the contrary, a dual approach works just fine and is even compatible with mobile printing solutions”, adds Italo Vignoli.

Bugs such as wrinkles in carpets and suspended cables, which represent a potential issue for the perambulator, will be chased, reproduced and possibly solved during a special bug hunting session, which will be organized in advance on the release date.

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