Support Post with Official Mugshot

italo-wantedToday, I have added another amazing title to my open source CV: persona non grata. This morning, while entering the hotel where a company is hosting an event focused on open source software (I am a member of Open Source Initiative board of directors), with a couple of presentations about LibreOffice (I am one of the founders of the LibreOffice project, and I am handling marketing and communications for The Document Foundation), I have been called by first name by the hotel security and I have been invited to stay away from the event. I suppose they have used a mugshot selecting one of the many pictures shot at events where I have been able to participate, sometimes even as a special guest (unlike what happened this morning).

Since I have my own reputation, even photographic, I make available to all those who will want to report me as persona non gratain the future, an official and approved mugshot, released under CC-BY license (true, this represents an obligation of assignment, but in the case of a mugshot it also takes away the embarrassment of the associating the name to the picture, which could represent an intrusion into my privacy).

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