Strongly Disappointed by Booking.Com

I have been using Booking.Com services for a long time, to the point of having reached the so called Genius Level 2. Unfortunately, I think I will be forced to abandon Booking.Com because of their decision of creating a disappointing Business Account, which I never asked for, and is totally useless (the only time I could access it, I left the page after having completely lost 5 minutes without being able to book anything, as I was asked if I wanted to book a flight, rent a car, or charge the expense to a cost center, all things that are not relevant for a business of 2 people). What is worse, is that when I try to access my personal Booking.Com account I am now automatically redirected to the Business Account I never asker for – and I asked to completely delete a month ago – which is not even accessible (the infamous clock keeps rotating for hours, but nothing happens apart from the increase in frustration…). Of course, the help system – which has probably been designed by the same moron of the Business Account – does not allow to raise a complaint about Business.Com. The result is that I am now unable to make any further booking because of that bloody watch, and I am not even able to manage my current bookings – luckily, only one left, and then Booking.Com will remain in my mind as a bad memory…

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