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16 Jan 2010 2009 Numbers vs 2010 Perspectives

2009 has been a year of consolidation for in Italy, as you can easily see from the histogram (2007 is blue, 2008 is red, 2009 is yellow). Downloads have reached a record figure of 7.865.008, with
12 Feb 2009

The price of success 3.0 has been a huge success, and this has raised the awareness of the open source office suite to an unprecedented level. In Europe, where OOo was already quite popular, especially in France, Germany and Italy,
6 Feb 2009

Why this tech recession will be different

Interesting reading from the blog of George F. Colony, Forrester’s CEO. 1) Tech will be down, but not out. 2001-2003 was a tech depression. Spending stopped, projects were canceled, excess inventory flooded the market destroying pricing. Cisco
24 Jul 2008

EnterpriseDB survey of open source database usage

EnterpriseDB has just announced the results (PDF download) of a recent survey of open source database usage. A few data: – 83% have yet to pay for the use of their open source database. – 11% did
31 May 2008

Raven Zachary’s Podcast

I usually don’t like podcasts, which I find a lot less entertaining than music, but this time I’ll make an exception for Raven Zachary. You can download the MP3 (31 minutes, 7.1MB) from this link to listen
7 Feb 2008

Open Source ThinkTank

I’m in Napa for the Open Source ThinkTank. It’s a big event for the names attending but it’s a small event for the numbers as there are only 129 people from all over the world (actually, I