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7 May 2020

What you do when you turn six

When you turn six, you usually go to primary school and start learning how to read and write. You start a self-improvement process which is usually making you a better individual. Although a human being and a
13 Jun 2013

Some food for thought

Just spotted on Rob Weir’s blog: May 13th, 2013: The Power of Brand and the Power of Product, Part 2 (prepared with another apparently “neutral” post: The Power of Brand and the Power of Product, Part 1) This is the
19 Oct 2012

NAIF Metrics

NAIF Metrics is a new and creative measurement, which stands for Native Americans Inflated Figures. It is being used by free software projects pretending to be successful, to artificially inflate numbers which are simply not there. The
15 Mar 2012

Donut Charts

I have just discovered Donut Charts, a visual feature which has been there for quite a long time, but I have never been able to master.┬áIt is a nice feature which comes handy to compare developer’s affiliation
7 Feb 2012

No Comments, Visual

The visual representation gives a better flavour of the difference in activity and involvement between LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.
7 Feb 2012

No Comments, Reloaded

@ TDF, we are proud of our OOo heritage, as most of us have been active in the project for several years, and have spent there many hours. It looks like the same does not apply to
4 Feb 2012

No Comment

The infographic tells it all. Data have been extracted from Ohloh, using the same metric for both projects.
21 Sep 2011

IBM is hiring

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann – a former Oracle OOo developer – has written a message on the Apache OOo-Dev mailing list, where he explains that “after some change acceptance in the last months, I have got the possibility to
5 Sep 2011

Digressions on AOOo

I have one quarter of Roman blood, and I have spent my youth in Rome where I have attended the primary school. I can still speak with a decent Roman accent, so AOOo – the short name