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13 Feb 2009

Sun Report Builder Guidebook Released

Dmitri Popov has released under the GNU FDL license a new guide to using the Sun Report Builder extension for OOo, which is available both as a free PDF download and as a paperback from Lulu.
5 Nov 2008

Beijing, day one (and before)

I have managed to get to the pre-conference meetings later than expected, because I have spent 45 minutes of my life showing a map in chinese to chinese people that were unable to tell me where the
2 Nov 2008

Beijing, I’m coming

I’m leaving for the Conference in Beijing. Four days packed with meetings and discussions, followed by two days of sightseeings (Forbidden City and the Great Wall). I will report about the sessions I will be attending,
22 Oct 2008

Venezuela adopts ODF as National Standard

Speaking at the Second ODF Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, Carlos Gonzalez of the National Center of Information Technologies, announced that the Venezuelan government had formally adopted ODF as a standard for the “processing, exchange and storage
15 Oct 2008

This is not a Guinness, but is definitely a world record

During the second day of availability of 3.0, the suite has been downloaded 620.000 times at worldwide level (all languages, all flavours) and 50.000 times in Italy (the Italian version). This brings the total for the
5 Oct 2008 four million downloads in the last twelve months

Sometimes today, a sunny Italian Sunday, someone will download for the fourth million time the Italian version of In the same timeframe, the number of PCs sold in Italy has been around six million. Of course,
1 Oct 2008

Charles H. Schulz and Microsoft at the Italian OOo Conference

The Italian OOo Conference will happen next Friday, October 3, in Bolzano, one of the geographical areas where open source software is most widely adopted, with solutions in place in the Italian schools – the region is
4 Sep 2008

Google one day, Microsoft one life

Google Chrome first EULA was flawed, to say the least, as Google “acquired” – divine rights? – the copyright of all the contents generated – in a way or another – through the browser. Article 11, the
24 Jul 2008

EnterpriseDB survey of open source database usage

EnterpriseDB has just announced the results (PDF download) of a recent survey of open source database usage. A few data: – 83% have yet to pay for the use of their open source database. – 11% did
24 Jul 2008

Will Ubuntu be sexier than MacOS X?

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has said: “The great task in front of us over the next two years is to lift the experience of the Linux desktop from something that is stable and robust and not