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21 Jul 2008

Yochai Benkler

Yochai Benkler, the leading intellectual of the information age, explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and Linux represent the next stage of human organization. Technorati Tags: open source, innovation
15 Jul 2008

OOo, a download every five seconds

June has been an extraordinary month for OOo in Italy: – 523.234 downloads during the month, one every five seconds, more than the PCs sold in the country. – 2.096.043 downloads since January 1st, 2008. In 2007,
1 Jun 2008

Open source in the enterprise has conducted a survey of IT and business executives, collecting data from 328 respondents. The results of the survey show that 53% of the respondents are using open source applications in their organization today, and an
25 May 2008

3D Transitions in 2.4

Just an idea of the 3D transitions you can use with 2.4 on Linux. Technorati Tags: openoffice,3d transitions
23 Apr 2008

He really understands open source

“There’s free software and then there‚Äôs open source”, he suggested, noting that the company gives away its software in developing countries. With open source software, on the other hand, “there is this thing called the GPL, which
18 Apr 2008

Microsoft and the open source community

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, while speaking today at the annual conference of the company Most Valuable Professional, has given some perspective about the relationship between Microsoft and open source, as reported by Todd Bishop. What
2 Apr 2008

Fishes under the Sun

It looks like at Sun they enjoy April Fool’s day, starting from the CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Technorati Tags: open source
25 Mar 2008

2008 Future of Open Source survey

Some key findings: Approximately 81 percent of respondents feel the economy’s turbulence is “good” for open source software Respondents revealed that the top three factors that make open source software attractive include: lower acquisition and maintenance costs
15 Mar 2008 3.0 goes to LGPLv3

The change has been announced last week, but I think it’s important to read Simon Phipp’s comments on its relevance. This quote sums it up:’s license will change to LGPLv3 as part of a broader set
3 Mar 2008

Open Standards Requirement for Software

Reprinted from the Open Source Initiative web site: The Requirement An “open standard” must not prohibit conforming implementations in open source software. The Criteria To comply with the Open Standards Requirement, an “open standard” must satisfy the