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15 Apr 2010

Microsoft, Google On Office Computing Collision Course

By the end of this year, both companies will find themselves on the same fundamental office computin
4 Apr 2010

7 Things That Are Easier To Do In Ubuntu Than In Windows

MakeUseOf: " many ways Ubuntu is far from perfect. I'd like to say that using Ubuntu is actuall
4 Apr 2010

Editor’s Note: There is More to Linux Than Ubuntu

The fine people at Canonical are experts at keeping Ubuntu in the news, and keeping a lot of buzz go
4 Apr 2010

Meego Provides First Glimpse at New Mobile OS – PC World

NokNok.tvMeego Provides First Glimpse at New Mobile OSPC World
10 Mar 2010

10 Reasons Why Microsoft Office Faces an Uncertain Future (eWeek)

News Analysis: Microsoft Office is a key product for the software company. It contributes heavily to
10 Mar 2010

Why Microsoft Can’t Afford To Let Novell Die

eWeek argues that Microsoft can't afford to let Novell die: "This week, Elliot Associates, a hedge f
10 Mar 2010

The Linux desktop is already here – Computerworld (blog)

The Linux desktop is already hereComputerworld (blog)I found it more than a little sad that someone
10 Mar 2010

Sun’s open source chief leaves following Oracle merger (InfoWorld)

Sun's chief open source officer, Simon Phipps, has left the company following its acquisition by Ora
28 Feb 2010

Open Source Software in Higher Education

The use of open source software in higher education has taken off over the last few years with incre
28 Feb 2010

Why is Open Source Better Than Commercial Software?

This article will compare open source software to commercial software. First I will define what open