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5 Sep 2011

Digressions on AOOo

I have one quarter of Roman blood, and I have spent my youth in Rome where I have attended the primary school. I can still speak with a decent Roman accent, so AOOo – the short name
7 Feb 2011

Marketing to Developers for Developers @ FOSDEM

I’ve been @ FOSDEM for the first time in my life, with several friends at The Document Foundation. On Sunday, we have been talking about the development of LibreOffice, and I have tried to outline what we
6 Oct 2010

Numbers @ The Document Foundation

Strong support for the first week of The Document Foundation The Internet, October 6, 2010 – One full week has gone by since the announcement of The Document Foundation, and we would like to share some numbers
4 Oct 2010

About TDF Spokespersons

The announcement of The Document Foundation has generated a huge amount of buzz in the press, and there are many people who are commenting and speculating about TDF and LibreOffice. We are extremely happy for the coverage,