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11 Dec 2019

Proprietary slide decks at FOSS events? A missed opportunity

Paris Open Source Summit is the “first European free & open source event”, but speakers were requested to send their slide decks in the proprietary PPTX format for non specified technical issues related to the visualization or
1 Jul 2019

LibreOffice Conference Asia

I have attended LibOCon Asia in late May, in Tokyo, Japan’s capital and largest city. I have been invited by conference organizers to keynote about the global community, and co-manage with Lothar Becker a business and certification
12 Jul 2015

Ripartiamo dalla Comunità

I progetti di software libero partono dalla comunità, e – se ci sono stati problemi (chi vuole intendere, intenda) – ripartono dalla comunità. Oggi, abbiamo un progetto di software libero sano e indipendente, che si chiama LibreOffice,
23 May 2015

Lettera Aperta sulla Cittadinanza Digitale

Questo testo era nascosto da qualche parte, e oggi è venuto fuori quasi di getto, senza una specifica ragione, perché la mia pazienza nei confronti di tutti coloro a cui è rivolta la lettera è finita, ed
10 Apr 2015

LibreOffice in the Italian primary school

  Primary school pupils in Todi proudly showing their LibreItalia certificate of attendance, at the end of the training course organized by Sonia Montegiove. Some of the pupils, aged between 6 and 10, have convinced their parents to switch
27 Oct 2014

Quelli che… Avete rotto con questa storia dei formati standard…

Il formato dei documenti di Microsoft Office è quello più utilizzato, per cui è lo standard. Perché mai dovremmo cambiare, per usare un formato che non utilizza nessuno? Bella zio… Una botta di genio, la tua. Probabilmente
26 Mar 2014

Achieving Document Freedom in Four Easy Steps

In order to achieve document freedom, we must learn to produce interoperable documents. Unfortunately, this means that we have to review most of our editing habits, and start thinking about several details which make a difference: the
18 Oct 2012

Another victim of Apple Maps ?

IBMmers didn’t show up, after a full day of search by the entire PlugFest crew… Someone has been speculating about a recent move of IBM to iPhone 5, which might be the reason why IBMmers did not
17 Oct 2012

Where are the IBMmers ?

If someone walks into the IBM people lost somewhere in Berlin and desperatedly looking for the site of the ODF PlugFest, please send them immediately to the Ministry of Economics and Technology in Invalidenstrasse. IBMmers did not
2 Oct 2011

ODF 1.2 has been approved as an OASIS standard

ODF 1.2, the document format adopted by LibreOffice, has been approved as an OASIS standard. Although we are still waiting the formal OASIS announcement, there have been a dry email by Chet Ensign and a more enthusiastic