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3 Mar 2008

I’m confused

I’ve tried to understand what has happened in Geneva during the Ballot Resolution Meeting, a very important step during the Fast Track process for the standardization of the Office Open XML document format. I’ve gone through dozens
27 Feb 2008

Working together

I’ve had a long phone conversation with Sam Ramji today. It was plagued by some bandwidth problems on my side (next time I will have a dedicated PC for Skype) but it was definitely constructive for both
22 Feb 2008

Open Letter to Microsoft

Today, we have decided to follow yesterday’s Microsoft announcement with an open letter to the company. This is my translation into English of the text (unfortunately, some of the extra care put in each word gets lost,
4 Feb 2008

OpenOffice January Newsletter

Announcements OpenOffice.org Community Innovation Program "On 7 December 2007, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a new million-dollar fund to foster innovation in six of the open-source projects it sponsors and contributes to. We are pleased to report that
10 Nov 2007

Open Document Format

Nelle ultime settimane, sono stati pubblicati alcuni articoli in cui The Open Document Foundation, Inc., un’organizzazione non profit di diritto statunitense nata per iniziativa di alcuni individui per promuovere delle modifiche allo standard ISO/IEC 26300 Open Document