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20 Jun 2010

Microsoft for

For those who speak some Italian, please have a look at the PC World interview to Microsoft Italy’s Maurizio Albergati, who affirms that is so bad that you can’t use it even for your hobbies, and
16 Jan 2010 2009 Numbers vs 2010 Perspectives

2009 has been a year of consolidation for in Italy, as you can easily see from the histogram (2007 is blue, 2008 is red, 2009 is yellow). Downloads have reached a record figure of 7.865.008, with
26 Jan 2009 Blocked from Microsoft Live Search?

Faced with growing threats of free and open source software projects, Microsoft removed web site from its search engine results yesterday. Search terms “Open Office” and “” returned similar web sites, …, but not what we
22 Oct 2008

Venezuela adopts ODF as National Standard

Speaking at the Second ODF Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, Carlos Gonzalez of the National Center of Information Technologies, announced that the Venezuelan government had formally adopted ODF as a standard for the “processing, exchange and storage
20 Oct 2008

Sometimes someone at Microsoft…

Sometimes someone at Microsoft releases an interview which is worth reading. Two small excerpts: For example, it is harder and harder to continue to define the world of software as a world divided between open source companies
1 Oct 2008

Charles H. Schulz and Microsoft at the Italian OOo Conference

The Italian OOo Conference will happen next Friday, October 3, in Bolzano, one of the geographical areas where open source software is most widely adopted, with solutions in place in the Italian schools – the region is
4 Sep 2008

Google one day, Microsoft one life

Google Chrome first EULA was flawed, to say the least, as Google “acquired” – divine rights? – the copyright of all the contents generated – in a way or another – through the browser. Article 11, the
30 Jul 2008

OOo is “the best of open source”

Sam Ramji of Microsoft announces the SourceForge Community Award for Best Project for Education, won by Sam underlines the importance of affordable software for education, both for teachers and students. Technorati Tags: microsoft, openoffice, award
24 Jul 2008

Will Ubuntu be sexier than MacOS X?

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has said: “The great task in front of us over the next two years is to lift the experience of the Linux desktop from something that is stable and robust and not
16 Jul 2008

What’s happening at Microsoft Italy?

Today, Microsoft Italy has announced its third MD since the launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007. I’m puzzled. What’s happening at Microsoft Italy? Marco Comastri has left a few months after the announcement, and has been